Tools to make your Champions Legendary!

LegendSmith is the most powerful counter pick and champ building tool available anywhere!

Building and managing your champions is a huge part of League of Legends. The LegendSmith app lets you build, customize, and plan ahead to maximize your champions before and after every battle.

Both new and veteran League of Legends players will love the power and ease of LegendSmith to get the most out of their champions. LegendSmith is comprised of two major features: the Champion Builder and Draft Pick.

Champion Builder

The Champion Builder allows summoners to select items, runes, masteries and ability orders for their favorite champion, and save the build for later:

  • Calculate Burst damage and Sustained DPS. Test your build against a simulated opponent, with adjustable settings.
  • Basic stats like healing rate, physical and magical effective health, critical hit damage and burst movement speed.
  • Easily add items to champions with sorting, filtering, and selectable number of "stacks" on certain items.

Draft Pick

LegendSmith's Draft Pick is the most powerful counter picking tool on the planet. It allows you to compliment and counter pick entire teams a once. Draft Pick data is updated daily by thousands of LegendSmith users, so you're always up to date with the trending meta.

  • Simulates the Champion selection process that happens in game, and suggests the best champions based on the opponents, allies, AND bans selected.
  • Top Ratings: Shows the current strongest, most banned, and best teamworking champs as well as top items using trending data from thousands of summoners.
  • 1v1: Shows the best items, strongest and weakest opponents, and best allies for your favorite champion. You'll always have the edge in a 1v1!

Works On- or Off-Line!

LegendSmith lets you experiment with your Champions whether you're online or not. Even if you're afk, on a desert island, or on Summoner's Rift itself, LegendSmith is the best companion app for League of Legends!

Download LegendSmith now for your Apple iOS or Android devices!

LegendSmith App
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